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When designing a space or a home, we seek to make it - special and unique - this includes the walls and ceilings. We find inspiration in the possibilities that these products bring to the project. Whether it is on the wall, used as a room divider or as an accent within a feature of the home, these wall coverings and panels will be sure to excite your imagination. We can guide you on how to utilize these products in your home with a phone call or email. Just contact us below!


When you visit an art gallery, what is the first thing that you notice? Color. When your eyes see color it creates an emotion reaction. This emotion is what brings us closer to art, and what better place to experience it than in our homes.

RIZNIK Art Panels are more than a product, they bring an element of grace, excitement and visual emotion that your home or space deserves. There are many existing designs to choose from that can be utilized in many areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, bar areas, dining and living spaces. They are also used outdoors as fountain panels or to accent a dividing wall in a garden.

If you desire a custom designed panel, it can be done. The possibilities with RIZNIK panels are endless and only limited by the space you want them in.

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To learn more about RIZNIK Art Panels, please use the contact form below to give us some basic information about your interest in this product.

Remember, these can be custom designed so there are no limits. Now let's get creative!

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I have worked with Catherine Sands on several projects making drapes, throws, comforters and pillows. She is clear and precise while at the same time being very creative.

She thinks outside of the box but yet is very conscientious about what the client wants and figures out how they can get it.

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