This questionnaire is designed to give us some insight into your space and your style. It is also a place you can compile your ideas and thoughts about your project. Please don’t be concerned if you are unfamiliar with any terms or unable to answer a question. There are no wrong answers. All Information is kept confidential and not shared outside of our firm.

Design Questionnaire
Do you or someone else in your household like to cook? What is more important to you in your kitchen, design, function or amazing appliances?
Do you prefer a formal or casual interior style for your entire home?
Is there enough storage space in your home now? Do you want more storage?
What you style of interior design do you like?
What overall feeling or mood do you want your interior space to exude?
Regarding patterns and/or fabrics what is your preference(s)?
Regarding window coverings, what is your preference(s)?
Regarding art, what are your preferences? Select all that apply.
Is your project new construction, remodel, interior design/furnishings or something else?
Regarding the scope of your project, what elements of design are you considering? Check all that apply. Also, feel free to add other elements you would like designed in the next section.
Do you have construction documents and/or floor plans? If so, please share them with us at
Will you be living in the home during the design/construction?
What is more important to you: the budget or the result or both?
Are you comfortable with change?
Do you have a Pinterest Board, Houzz Idea Book, or another place you store links to images you like? If so, please email or share them to