Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Blue Daze Designs?

A: Be Bold is our tagline here at Blue Daze Designs. We are all about bringing color, texture, and substance into your abode. Whatever resonates with you, we can bring it to life. You live here and we want to help you to make a beautiful space to come home to. BDD is a full-service boutique firm offering everything from remodeling services, furnishings, window treatments, art and decor as well as new construction selections. We would love to help you with home project.


Q: What is interior design?

A: Interior designers make your spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. This includes material selections for construction such as tile as well as furnishings.


Q: Why is it important to work with an interior designer?

A: Interior designers have years of experience that they can bring to your project. They will have resources and input on your function and livability of your home.  A designer will also help you avoid costly mistakes and assist you in getting the most for your budget.


Q: Will you help me choose design and life style preferences?

A: Of course! We have our design questionnaire to assist you in getting started in the process. Visit this link! We also encourage you to start a Pinterest page or Houzz ideabook to share with us.


Q: What interior design projects do you specialize in?

A: We specialize in new construction, remodeling projects as well as home furnishings. This includes furniture selections, artwork, accessories and window treatments.


Q: What is the Blue Daze Design process?

A: 1. We start with a phone discovery call to see if our firm is a good fit for your project. Then we decide if this is a one-time design consultation or if you are ready for an in-home evaluation to determine your project scope.  We then send you our notes and Scope of Work contract.

2. Once our contract is signed and a retainer is in place the fun begins.  Each project is unique so this is where they start to vary.  Essentially at this point we either start with floor plans if that is necessary or with the initial material selections such as tile or cabinetry or if we are doing a furnishing job, we start with initial furniture selections.

3. This would be followed with presentations of selections, revisions and once items are selected the ordering process begins.

4. For construction projects we will be communicating with contractors and installers to coordinate ordering and installing.

5. And then installation! This may take several delivery days depending on availability of product, etc.  Also, depending on budget some clients may wish to stagger their project so installations can vary.

6. Now you get to enjoy your lovely new/redone home!

For a more detailed version of this process, scroll down this page to see our process defined!


Q: How long will the interior design process take?

A: This varies with every project depending on the scope of the project, availability of materials and availability of contractors.


Q: Do you provide home renovation services?

A: Yes, we do.


Q: What type of home renovation services do you provide?

A: We provide everything to a complete home remodel to kitchen and bath remodels. We have various contractors and skilled trades available to assist with your home remodeling project.


Q: Am I able to customize my home renovation?

A: Of course! We firmly believe each home should be unique and customized for you.


Q: How long will a home renovation job take?

A: Each job is unique, and the timeline will vary depending on the amount of work being done as well as the client’s decision making style. We do encourage clients to make as many selections and if possible place orders before beginning your remodel job.  This will save time that your home is torn up and disrupted.


Q: Do you collaborate with outside parties such as architects and home builders?

A: Absolutely! We have a group of contractors, architects and builders that we have worked with in the past and are happy to refer them to our clients.  We also appreciate being introduced to new contractors by our clients.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: You can fill out our inquiry form here on the website, with your information and we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Or if you prefer you are welcome to call our office at 407-895-5112.